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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Viral Headline Generator Script.

Why is this great script for sale?

The main reason is because of the insistence of hundreds of bloggers and active users of this script to be able to have it on their website and blog, until finally Richard decided to sell this script, but of course at a price equal. As for another reason, Richard sells this script, is to support his single daughters scholarship, to college, and to become a doctor.

Can this script be used on any web?

Yes! Viral Headline Generator scripts can be installed on websites with any platform; on a regular HTML website, Blogspot, or WordPress.

As a buyer of this script, will I also be supported in the installation?

Yes! All the complete instructions have been placed with the script file. You will easily install it on your website. But if you are obstacle, Richard will be happy to help you. Just contact him through the contact page on this web.

What is the price of this incredible script?

Viral Headline Generator scripts are sold for a reasonable price - $499. But if you are fast, for the first 10 buyers just pay for the price of ONLY $199 only! Next, for every next 10 sales, the price goes up $25, up to a maximum price of $499. This is a reasonable price for a great script that can bring in hundreds of thousands of your web visitors continuously every day. If you understand the value of thousands of traffic sites or blogs, then this price is even very cheap. Even if you are interested, you can get this script in a special way with full resell rights (please contact Richard for a special price for licensing for resell rights).

Can I make some Editing in this script?

NO. If you are a regular buyer, then you do not have the right to edit in this script, except on some parts that do need adjustment with your web; for example; on the banner ad section, and the footer link at the very bottom of this script. Unless...

Can I do editing if I am a special license (full license with resell rights) buyer?

Yes! If you are a buyer with a Full License (Resell Rights), then you are entitled to edit this script according to your wishes and even you can sell it again with your own license.

Can I try this demo script?

Yes! You can try this Viral Headline Generator tool for free here.

I'll add some more questions and answers, about this Viral Headline Generator script, and immediately update this page.
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